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Gascosage Electric Cooperative is a non-profit electric utility owned by the consumer-members who use the electricity and other services it provides. Headquartered in Dixon, Missouri, the cooperative serves the counties of Camden, Maries, Miller, Phelps and Pulaski. We currently serve more than 10,000 homes, farms, businesses and industries in this area with more than 1,500 miles of electric power lines.

Dear Cooperative Members,

As we all deal with the new realities brought on by the coronavirus, we want to assure you that your electric cooperative is here to help you. We have always had an Emergency Plan that has served us well in a variety of circumstances, from ice storms to tornadoes to flash floods.

Early in this crisis our staff updated that plan with a special emphasis on ensuring we can continue to provide the reliable electric service you have come to expect from Gascosage Electric Cooperative.

So far that is exactly what has happened. We know that after a sufficient supply of food and water, electricity is the No. 1 thing you need to maintain some sense of normalcy as we hunker down in our homes. With that in mind, keeping the power flowing is Job #1 for everyone involved in maintaining the electric cooperative system.

That starts with our generation cooperative, Associated Electric Cooperative, which has taken extreme measures to ensure its workforce is healthy and its power plants functioning as needed. It extends to the six transmission cooperatives that wheel that electricity across Missouri and parts of Iowa and Oklahoma. And it includes Gascosage Electric Cooperative where business may be a bit unusual, but the service remains the same.

We thought you might want to know some of the steps we have taken in order to keep your power flowing. We’ve closed our lobby to prevent the spread of germs. Instead, we are encouraging members to use our drop boxes, website payment option (gascosage.coop), automated phone system at 1-844-834-4456, Smarthub app and the U.S. Postal Service to pay bills.

Although late payment fees and non-pay disconnects have temporarily been suspended, we still request financially impacted members to contact our office at 1-573-759-7146 or 1-866-568-8243 to discuss the status of their account.

Many of our employees are working from home. We’ve divided departments into shifts so that they can practice social distancing even when in the office. If you call, the phones will be answered as always.

We have separated linemen from other employees and even from each other to limit possible spread of the virus. Trucks are being relocated so that linemen can head to the job site without coming to the office. New routines are in place for contractors working on our system in order to keep them separated from employees.

Our management team and board are meeting constantly to fine tune this plan. We are in constant contact with the other electric cooperatives in Missouri and with the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, which in turn is working closely with our national association, the state legislature, Gov. Parson, the State Emergency Management Agency and other state electric cooperative associations.

Our focus here is on doing our part to keep your life as normal as possible through this situation and beyond. The cooperative way of doing business has brought us this far, and the cooperative way will help us through this crisis.

 All the best to everyone. Stay healthy, stay home and we will get through this together the cooperative way!

Exciting news for members of Gascosage Electric Cooperative! Gascosage was awarded $7 Million Loan/$7 Million Grant through the USDA ReConnect program! 

Phase 1 Construction Map.pdf

Phase 2 Construction Map.pdf

Phase 3 Construction Map.pdf

 Gascosage is proud to announce that we have been awarded $402,332 to build 21 miles of fiber northwest of Doolittle to provide high speed internet to 83 subscribers along the Tick Creek area.

Fiber Project News

During the #COVID19 pandemic, quality internet is crucial. Today Governor Mike Parson announced the recipients of the #MO broadband grant program. Selected projects will bring service to more than 4,400 homes, businesses, and farms. Other resources are also available. Learn more: http://ow.ly/Xynv50zhiZh

We have received several questions from members, who are not included in our initial fiber buildout, of when or if they will have the opportunity to receive broadband from the cooperative. Currently the USDA ReConnect program will only consider areas that are deemed unserved or underserved. This means those that do not have access to a minimum of 10/1 Mbps. Our recent award was based on three concentrated areas of our service territory identified within the USDA Eligible Service Area Map. This map is based on the government information of internet availability, speed tests and previous federal dollars awarded to any entity for that area. Rest assured that we are continuing to pursue both State and Federal funding in an effort to provide the broadband service that our members are requesting. For further information about the ReConnect program and eligible service areas, please visit the following link.    http://ruraldevelopment.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=e2d4c909e06c46d3aa9577bea695a2b9&fbclid=IwAR27CnLZ60G3LluJjZrh2fa9cCnNo87VSpkI2AUWb-BB4myilbfvkHV5KN0

 For those members who may have discovered that they are in a map area that will be served by Wisper Internet, we have been provided a link by Wisper that allows for you to add yourself to their email newsletter where Wisper will release regular updates on their CAF II process. https://mailchi.mp/wisperisp/news

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